750+ Senior IT Leaders Gathered in Miami to Discuss Running IT Like a Business

See What They Shared
The three-day TBM Conference 2014 focused on c-suite alignment and transformational strategies shared from distributed IT leaders (and their business counterparts) from Global 2000 companies. The conference provided an unprecedented opportunity to forge new connections with IT leaders from around the world and walk away with strategic learnings and tactical tools to use with your business partners.
Ralph Loura, CIO Enterprise Group
Rajiv Gupta, CEO
Beyond Shadow IT - Enabling and Accelerating the Adoption of Cloud Services

Shadow IT is a real and growing concern for enterprises and for the right reasons. An organization uses 738 cloud services on average, and only 9% of the services used are "enterprise-ready", meaning that they provide the security, compliance and governance capabilities required by an enterprise.
General Session
Don Duet, Co-Head, Technology Division
Caroline Arnold, Head of TBM
Enabling a Products Portfolio to Better Serve the Business
For many organizations, TBM helps make this shift from a technology-centric organization to a product- or services-oriented one. Perhaps no one understands this better than Don Duet, Co-Head of the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs.
CIO Panel Moderated by Steve Bates, KPMG
How Is Your Executive Board Discussing the Value and Performance of Technology

TBM is changing the way business partners understand the value of technology. This is a good and necessary outcome. But now there is a bigger question at hand: How is TBM changing the conversation all the way to the top?
Dennis Gilmore, CEO
Larry Godec, SVP & CIO
TBM in the Eyes of the Enterprise
In this post-recession, pro-regulation, dependent-upon-technology environment, CIOs require different skills to communicate to business leaders; they require skills that enable fact-based decision making.
Moderated by Brian Watson, Co-Author, Confessions of a Successful CIO
Lessons in Leadership | Driving Real Transformation - and Real Results

In today’s rapidly evolving business climate, companies must constantly contend with new challenges and aggressively pursue new opportunities—and so often, that requires drastic shifts in the way businesses operate. And more than ever, IT is driving those changes.
Moderated by Steve Hall, ISG
How TBM Enables Agility and Fact-Based Decision Making When Undergoing M&A

It’s estimated that there will be over 35,000 M&A transactions this year. CIOs have an opportunity to play a key role in these transactions. How? By enabling board members to answer the three fundamental questions of any merger, acquisition or divestiture: How will this action grow revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate the risks of execution?
Debra Bailey, Group Services Director
How Transparency Is Supporting the Service Journey at Nationwide
In this video, Debra Bailey, Nationwide Building Society’s Group Services Director addresses the audience at the 2014 TBM Conference.
Jim Scholefield, CTO
How the Enterprise Is Delivering and Managing Hybrid Services
Whether or not the cloud enables efficiencies -- in hardware, software, infrastructure scaling – is no longer the question. Now it’s about how to adopt critical applications to cloud environments. In this session TBM Board Member Jim Scholefield will describe how he is doing just that at Coca-Cola.
Dean Nelson, VP, Global Foundation Services
How Technology Is Changing Global Commerce
Throughout history, commerce has been a powerful force in our lives. Since day one at eBay Inc., we’ve seen how technology-enabled and people-centered commerce is not only a good business concept, but also a positive force for powerful social and environmental impact.
CME Group
CME Group: Modeling Costs to Change Behavior
I'm trying to take very complicated services and turn them into component pieces so the business can understand what they can potentially influence, so that I'm not continually buying technology to meet a demand that's growing.
DIRECTV: Fail Fast, Innovate Often
We’re constantly looking at working as one organization, one company, on what our digital strategy is. I’m not a big proponent that you need to have a digital guru. I think you can do it with the roles you play, and we’ve done a pretty good job of laying out those roles and responsibilities, and built a pretty good partnership.
Mylan: Creating a Cloud First Agile Infrastructure
I joined the company during a time of transformation. Because of this organizational evolution, we needed to make some adjustments to our IT infrastructure and service delivery to support the company’s fast-paced growth.
Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide Building Society: Service Transformation Is the New Cultural Transformation
Nationwide has a well-stated vision to be the first choice for financial services in the UK. A big part of that is investing in what we call the Digital Society, moving toward the channels of choice that our customers want.
State of Washington
State of Washington: Legislating Technology Business Management
Given the often difficult choices that have to be made about the services that state government provides, it is vital that we do our best to ensure efficient and effective spending in all areas, including IT.
Sunny Gupta, CEO, Apptio, Inc.
Andy Jassy, SVP, Amazon Web Services
Fireside Chat - Cost Transparency
How does an online book retailer became the premier cloud provider? Like so many problems, Amazon was looking to solve an issue they faced internally.
George Westerman, Research Scientist, MIT
Academic Advisor Overview
George Westerman, Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Digital Business and author of The Real Business of IT, discusses how increased costtransparency can positively impact the business’s perception of IT.
Leandro Santos, Partner at McKinsey & Company
Introducing McKinsey as Knowledge Partner for the TBM Council
As the TBM Council’s Knowledge Partner, McKinsey is working with Council leadership to shape the research agenda through collaboration and by bringing their most relevant knowledge to the table.
Rapid-Fire Show-and-Tell of TBM Reports and KPIs
9 PechaKucha Presentations
In this video, nine IT leaders from companies like Auto Trader, Fannie Mae, and Royal Bank of Scotland present 20 slides, spending no more than 20 seconds on each illustrating their TBM reports and KPIs.
Understanding the Future of IT
The New Style of IT
Ramon Baez, the SVP and Global CIO at Hewlett-Packard, walks us through his Technology Business Management adoption experience from the past two years and how that ties to the complexities of new style of IT and the bimodality of their responsibilities: Balancing the enterprise imperatives with increasing demand for the mega trends like big data, cloud, mobility, and security.
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